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WC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a professional Social Media Marketing company
Social media marketing is the latest innovation and proving to be a productive and purposeful component in an organization´s integrated marketing plans.

The phenomenal growth of social media has predictably impacted the marketing plans of many organizations and with the introduction of Web 2.0, the Internet has opened up tremendous opportunities for people to develop both social as well as business contacts.

We develop social media marketing programs that entail attention-grabbing content creation, paving way for online conversations, and in a way prompting readers to share information with their social networks.

We use social media marketing as a tool to enhance your brand awareness as also facilitate interaction with the customer. Social media is turning out to be an inexpensive platform and we use it optimally to add further thrust to your marketing campaigns. Due to our effective social media marketing, you can receive feedback direct from their clients and targeted audience.
WC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. follow the following rules for social media marketing to create buzz for your website
Increase your Linkability. Static sites are a thing of the past, especially in terms of popularity. One of the best ways to have a voice online and be able to update your site daily is to have a blog. This allows you to have an RSS feed where people can catch up on your latest content.
Make Tagging & Bookmarking Easy. This means have your website setup so that it is easier for people to link to you. Such things can include buttons for submitting your site to Digg or tagging your site at
Reward Inbound links. This can be done by linking back to the people who link to you, visit their site and leave comments on their blog or generally help promote their site socially.
Help your Content travel. This is basically allowing your content that isnt’ specifically text spread around the web. Podcasts can be added to podcast directories while Video’s can be submitted to the likes of Youtube and Metacafe.
Encourage the mashup. Youtube’s success relied a lot on people being able to embed their videos elsewhere. Allow your content to be used elsewhere, a good example of this can be to ensure your updating content has an RSS feed.
Be a User Resource. This means having quality content on your site and being a place that people can come back to for the best content on a particular niche. This is also advised even if producing the content doesn’t necessarily help you in terms of financial gain or even if it means linking out to your competitors.
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